Electronic insurance confirmation – what is it and how does the evb number work??

If you want to register a new car or re-register an old one, you need an insurance confirmation. The electronic version of the insurance confirmation, also known as eVB number, has been on the rise for a few years now. But what is actually behind it and how does the eVB number work??

Electronic insurance confirmation - What is it and how does the eVB number work??

The eVB number is a combination of numbers and letters that each policyholder receives from their insurance company. It serves as proof of existing motor vehicle liability insurance and is transmitted directly to the registration office. The advantage: you can apply for the eVB number at any time and from anywhere, for example via the Internet.

But the eVB number also offers numerous advantages for insurance companies. On the one hand, they can process the customer’s data faster and easier, on the other hand, they save time and costs for printing and sending insurance confirmations.

However, despite all the convenience, there are also some important aspects to consider when using the eVB number. For example, it is important that the eVB number is only valid for the registration of a vehicle and not for the conclusion of a motor vehicle insurance policy. Care must also be taken to ensure that the eVB number is applied for at the right time and not submitted too late, otherwise penalties may be incurred.

So if you want to register or re-register a car, you should familiarize yourself with the eVB number and contact your insurance company if you have any questions or uncertainties.

Electronic confirmation of insurance?! The ABC of the eVB number

The electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB) number is a document issued by insurance companies to their customers to facilitate the conclusion or amendment of an automobile insurance contract. The eVB number contains all the important information about your motor vehicle insurance policy and is essential for applying for motor vehicle registrations.

The eVB number was introduced to make the work of insurers and vehicle registration authorities easier. Previously, insurance companies had to issue an individual coverage card for each contract. As of 2008, the eVB number was introduced throughout Germany and has since replaced the physical coverage card.

To obtain an eVB number, all you have to do is ask your insurer for one. The number will then be sent to you by email, SMS or letter. It is important to make sure that the eVB number is requested within seven days of issuance, after which it loses its validity.

With your eVB number you can apply for your registration at the vehicle registration office. It is important to submit the eVB number along with all other required documents to speed up the entire process. Once registered, the eVB number is considered invalid and cannot be used for future car insurance policies.

Why is an eVB number important?

The electronic insurance confirmation, also known as the eVB number, is a crucial document required by every vehicle owner in Germany. Without this document, it is impossible to register a vehicle or carry out the registration of a vehicle move.

This number is a unique, seven-digit number generated by the motor insurance company and is valid for three years. With the eVB number, the registration office can check whether the vehicle is insured and whether the insurance coverage applies in the event of a claim.

Having an eVB number is therefore not only required by law, but also essential to carry out smooth and fast registrations and removals of vehicles.

How can I get an eVB number?

The eVB number is issued by the motor vehicle insurance company where you purchase your liability insurance policy. It is important that you contact your insurance company early to obtain an eVB number.

You can request the eVB number either by phone or online from your insurance company. The number is then sent to you by mail or e-mail. You can also apply for the number directly from your insurance company when you buy a new vehicle and take out insurance.

It is important to keep the eVB number carefully and make sure it is always available when you need it to make a registration or a move.

Advantages of the eVB number

The introduction of the electronic insurance confirmation has introduced many benefits for managing vehicle registrations and moves. The eVB number replaces the previous system of the insurance double card, which is often outdated or lost.

In addition to the benefits of ease of use and administration, the eVB number also has the advantage that insurance companies can easily replace it when a change in coverage is made.

The eVB number is therefore not only mandatory by law, but also offers many practical advantages for vehicle owners and insurance companies in Germany.

How the eVB number works?

The eVB number is an electronic insurance confirmation and serves as proof of an existing motor vehicle liability insurance policy. This is required when registering a vehicle and must be submitted to the registration office.

The eVB number is usually provided by the insurance company and consists of seven digits. It is personal and therefore cannot be transferred. The data is transmitted electronically to the registration office.

In order to obtain an eVB number, you must take out motor vehicle liability insurance with the insurance company and provide the relevant vehicle data. The eVB number is then sent by mail or e-mail.

  • The advantages of the eVB number are:
  • – Fast and uncomplicated application
  • – No paperwork and no waiting time
  • – Immediate transmission of the data to the registration office

In case of a change of insurance or a change of contract, a new eVB number is required. This can also be requested from the insurance company.

The eVB number is an important part of vehicle registration and should therefore always be kept and renewed as needed.

Important information on the use of the eVB number

The eVB number, or electronic confirmation of insurance, is an important document that everyone should have who wants to use a vehicle on German roads. But it is also important to know how to use this number correctly in order to act correctly in any situation.

An eVB number is only valid for a certain vehicle and a certain period of time. It is therefore important to apply for a new number when changing vehicles or renewing the insurance period. Also note that the eVB number is not transferable and therefore cannot be used for another vehicle.

Electronic insurance confirmation - What is it and how does the eVB number work??

When purchasing a vehicle, you must present the eVB number to the registration office in order to register the vehicle. Make sure you apply for the number in time to avoid delays in the registration process. For the application you need the data of the vehicle and your personal data as well as the insurance data.

  • Apply for the eVB number in time at an insurance company of your choice.
  • Use the eVB number only for the specified vehicle and the specified insurance period.
  • If you change the vehicle or extend the insurance period, you must apply for a new number.
  • The eVB number is not transferable and may not be used for another vehicle.
  • If there is no valid eVB number, the vehicle cannot be registered.

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