Bogedan will continuously hire new teachers

The goal of the Senator for Education and Science, Claudia Bogedan, is to improve the quality of teaching in Bremen. For this she plans to continuously hire new teachers.

Much has already been done in recent years to reduce the shortage of teachers in the city. But still there are too few qualified teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to take further measures to secure the supply of teachers and improve the quality of teaching.

The recruitment of new teachers is not only a question of quantity, but also of quality. Only well-trained and motivated teachers can ensure a high quality of teaching. For this reason, the new teachers are carefully selected and qualified to work in schools in Bremen.

Claudia Bogedan’s commitment to better education in Bremen and the continued hiring of new teachers are an important step on the path to quality education for all students in the city.

Bogedan will continuously hire new teachers

The importance of hiring new teachers for the education sector in Bremen

Mayor Bogedan has announced that new teachers will be recruited in Bremen on an ongoing basis. This decision is of great importance for the education sector in the city. Because by hiring new teachers, schools can be better equipped and the quality of education can be improved.

Bogedan will continuously hire new teachers

Due to the high turnover of teachers in recent years, the education sector in Bremen has often had to deal with staff shortages. The hiring of new teachers will help to stabilize the schools again and minimize class cancellations.

  • Hiring new teachers can also promote innovative pedagogical concepts and methods.
  • The new teachers will help achieve better integration of students with an immigrant background.

Overall, the mayor’s hiring of new teachers is an important step in strengthening the education sector in Bremen and making a lasting impact on students’ careers futures.

Implementation of Bogedan’s plan

Education Senator Bogedan’s plan to recruit new teachers on an ongoing basis requires certain measures for implementation. One measure is to specifically recruit qualified teachers to meet the demand for new teachers. For example, special job advertisements can be placed to arouse the interest of potential applicants.

Furthermore, the recruitment procedures must also be optimized. To this end, faster processing of applications, expedited scheduling of interviews and the introduction of online tests to pre-screen applicants may be useful.

Bogedan will continuously hire new teachers

In addition, the training of student teachers should be accelerated in order to secure the next generation of teachers’ futures. To this end, for example, courses and workshops can be offered that prepare students for the teaching profession and provide practical experience.

  • Targeted recruitment of qualified teachers
  • Optimization of hiring procedures
  • Pushing ahead with the training of student teachers

By implementing these measures, Education Senator Bogedan’s plan can be successfully implemented, thus ensuring better care and education for students.

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