10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

A journey is not complete without a suitable playlist. Music can put us in a mood, inspire us, and even remind us of past journeys. In case you’re planning a trip to Austria, it might be worth adding some Austrian songs to your playlist.
Austria has a rich musical tradition that ranges from classical music to modern indie pop. In this compilation of 10 Austrian songs, we’ve tried to cover a wide range of genres and decades to make sure there’s something for everyone’s musical tastes.
Whether you’re hiking through the majestic Austrian Alps or exploring the sights of historic cities, this travel playlist is a great addition to your experience in Austria. So sit back, relax, and feel the vibes from the Austrian music scene with these 10 unique songs.

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

Traveling to Austria is a great way to experience the culture and beauty of the country. And what could be better than having some Austrian songs on your travel playlist?

One of the most famous Austrian songs is "I am from Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich. The song has become an anthem for the country, evoking the beauty of Austria’s mountains, culture and people. Lyrics are available in English and German, so everyone can sing along to the lyrics.

Besides "I am from Austria", there are many other great Austrian songs that fit perfectly on your travel playlist. Another example is "Hoch am Himmel by Christina Sturmer. The song is a tribute to the mountains and reminds you of the beauty of the Austrian landscape.

Another Austrian song that should not be missing from your playlist is "Falco – Rock Me Amadeus". Falco has gained worldwide fame with this song, presenting Austrian art and culture in a very unique way.

  • 10 Austrian songs you should have on your travel playlist:
  • "I am from Austria by Rainhard Fendrich
  • "High in the sky by Christina Sturmer
  • "Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
  • "Kiss the Hand, Beautiful Woman by Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung
  • "But please with cream" by Udo Jurgens
  • "Macho Macho by Rainhard Fendrich
  • "The Commissioner by Falco
  • "Joana" by Roland Kaiser
  • "All of Vienna by Falco
  • "Furstenfeld" by STS

No matter what kind of music you prefer, there is surely an Austrian song that will fit on your travel playlist. So pack your bags, prepare your music and experience the best that Austria has to offer!

"Furstenfeld" by STS

"Furstenfeld" by STS is an unforgettable Austrian song that’s perfect for adding to your travel playlist. The song is about the town of Furstenfeld in Styria and describes the beauty and atmosphere of the town.

The melody is unique and every chorus is effortlessly sung along by most people. The combination of the gentle melody and the haunting lyrics gives the song a special impact that can be appreciated at any age.

"Furstenfeld" by STS makes everyone tend to fall in love with the city and visit the city itself. Adding this song to your travel playlist will ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable trip to Austria.

  • "Furstenfeld" is one of the most famous and popular songs in Austria
  • STS’s songs are an important part of Austrian music history
  • The town of Furstenfeld is a beautiful destination to visit

10 Austrian songs you should have on your travel playlist

If you travel through Austria, you should definitely listen to the right music. "Aloa-Heja-He" by Anton aus Tirol is a must in your playlist. This song will make you want to dance and have a good time.

Anton aus Tirol is a well-known singer in Austria and his music is popular with locals and tourists alike. "Aloa-Heja-He" is one of his most famous songs and is often played at events and festivals. You will love listening to the song while driving through the Austrian mountains.

Besides "Aloa-Heja-He" there are many more great Austrian songs you should have on your travel playlist. "Kiss the hand, beautiful woman by Falco is another classic song you shouldn’t miss.

  • Breathless through the night by Helene Fischer
  • I am from Austria by Rainhard Fendrich
  • Weilst a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk by Rainhard Fendrich
  • Furstenfeld by STS
  • Anton from Tyrol by Anton from Tyrol
  • Kiss the hand, beautiful woman by Falco
  • Scandals around Rosi by Wolfgang Ambros
  • I sing a song for you by Andreas Gabalier
  • Joana by Roland Kaiser
  • Rock me Amadeus by Falco

Create the perfect playlist for your Austrian trip and enjoy the scenery and the music. Have fun on your journey through Austria!

Joana by Roland Kaiser

Joana is a famous song by Roland Kaiser, which should not be missing in any travel playlist. The song has been a classic in the German music scene for more than 35 years and is still listened to with pleasure. The catchy melody and the catchy chorus make the song a hit that immediately catches your ear.

The song is about Joana, a woman from Barcelona, whose name the protagonist of the song can not forget. He remembers her eyes, her hair and her lips and imagines what it would be like to dance with her through the night. Everyone who listens to the song can get into the story and be carried away by the music and the lyrics.

  • Lyrics: Joana, Joana, Joana, I love life with you
  • Music: Roland Kaiser
  • Year: 1984

Joana is a classic and is one of the most famous songs in Austrian music history. Especially on trips to the sunny south, the hit is an indispensable element that spreads good mood and awakens the spirit of adventure. It does not matter whether you are traveling alone or in company – the music of Roland Kaiser always ensures a good mood.

If you are looking for more Austrian songs for your travel playlist, you should also take a look at other classics like "Furstenfeld" by STS or "I am from Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich. With these hits every trip becomes an unforgettable experience!

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

Schifoan by Wolfgang Ambros is undoubtedly one of the most famous songs from Austria. The song was released over 40 years ago and is still very popular today. With its catchy melody and upbeat lyrics "Schifoan" puts us in a good mood and lets us drive carefree through the snow.

Another classic of Austrian music is "I Am From Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich. The song is a real catchy tune and describes in a humorous way the culture and the attitude towards life of the Austrians.

A song that fits especially well on a journey through the Austrian countryside is "Amoi seg’ ma uns again" by Andreas Gabalier. The mix of folk and pop gives the song a unique sound and the lyrics are very soulful.

  • "Forever young by Falco is another well-known song from Austria that fits perfectly on a travel playlist. The song is energetic and characterized by great beats and rhythms.
  • "Vienna Calling by Falco is another classic song that focuses on the city of Vienna. Catchy melodies and the typical Falco voice make this song unmistakable.
  • "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles (Johannes Paul Kappl) has become known cover in Austria, which is perfect for a long car ride with its melancholic atmosphere.
  • "Dance baby!" by Die Fantastischen Vier feat. Clueso is a successful mixture of hip-hop and pop. The song invites you to dance and contains funny lyrics and cool beats.

Another song you shouldn’t miss on a trip through Austria is "Joana" by Roland Kaiser. This hit from the 80’s is a real classic and describes in a sensitive way the love and longings of a man.

If you like it a bit rockier, we recommend ‘Langsam wochs’ ma zamm" by Wolfgang Ambros. The song has cool riffs and groovy lyrics that invite you to sing and rock along.

Another highlight in terms of Austrian music is "Narcotic" by Liquido (Wolfgang Schrodl). The song is one of the most famous rock hits in the German-speaking world and is indispensable on any travel playlist.

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

Austria is known for its beautiful nature, mountains and lakes. But the country has a lot to offer in the music world as well. For a perfect travel playlist we have put together 10 Austrian songs. One of them is "I kenn di vo wo du herkommst" by Peter Cornelius.

Viennese-born Peter Cornelius is one of the most famous Austrian musicians. His song "I kenn di vo wo du herkommst" (I know you from where you come from) is a declaration of love to his hometown Vienna and has become a true classic. The refrain "I know you from where you come, you’ve got the charm, only you can bring it" by the Beatles (Johannes Paul Kodl) has meanwhile become a catchy phrase.

"I know you where you come from" is a perfect song for your travel playlist, because it reminds you of the beauty of Vienna and Austria. Whether you are hiking in the Alps or enjoying the Viennese coffeehouse culture, this song will accompany you and awaken the love for this country in you.

  • Andreas Gabalier – Hulapalu
  • Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
  • Wanda – Bologna
  • Christina Sturmer – Side by Side
  • Hans Zimmer – Now We Are Free

These were just a few of the great Austrian songs for your travel playlist. With this selection you will definitely get in the mood for your Austria trip. Don’t forget to also include "I kenn di vo wo du herkommst" by Peter Cornelius.

Austrian songs for your travel playlist

If you’re planning a trip to Austria and are looking for the perfect musical accompaniment, be sure to add "Kuss die Hand, schone Frau" by Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung to your playlist.

This classic of Austrian music is known for its unique sound and humorous lyrics. With lines like "I’m the rooster in the coop, baby, close your eyes" and "Kiss the hand, beautiful lady, goodbye, adieu" this song is perfect for spreading good vibes and getting you to join in the fun.

Besides "Kiss the hand, beautiful woman" there are many more great Austrian songs that will make your trip unforgettable. For example, you could add the classic "Falco – Rock Me Amadeus" or "Danzer – Jo Schau" to your playlist.

Whether you’re looking for energetic music to dance to or quieter sounds to relax to, Austria has a wide selection of music genres that will suit your tastes. So, grab your headphones and let yourself be enchanted by Austrian music!

  • Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung – Kiss the hand, beautiful woman
  • Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
  • Danzer – Jo Schau

The Gailtaler from Die Jungen Zillertaler

If you are looking for Austrian folk music "Die Gailtalerin" by Die Jungen Zillertaler can’t be missing on your travel playlist. The band consists of three musicians who have been making music together for over 25 years and have already produced numerous hits.

"The Gailtaler" is a cheerful song about a woman from South Tyrol who has conquered the heart of the singer. The chorus is catchy and invites to sing along. The song is a perfect example of the typical Zillertal sound and is played at every folk event.

With "Die Gailtalerin you will not only bring the mountains and Austrian flair to your travel playlist, but also good mood and joie de vivre. The song is a must for every lover of Austrian folk music and will also inspire those who didn’t know this music genre so far.

  • Folk sound
  • Danceable song
  • Perfect addition to your travel playlist
  • Rousing chorus
  • Typically Austrian

Let yourself be enchanted by "Die Gailtalerin" and enjoy the perfect blend of tradition and modernity that Die Jungen Zillertaler embody. If you’re ever in Austria, you can’t miss a folk event where "Die Gailtalerin" is performed is guaranteed to be played.

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

If you want to make your trip through Austria unforgettable, you should definitely have a playlist with some of the best Austrian songs. One of the most popular songs on our list is "Weibe Pferde" by Andreas Gabalier. This infectious melody represents the best of alpine folk music and immediately puts you in the vacation mood.

The song has a strong emotional appeal with an unforgettable chorus that immediately goes into your head. In "White horses Gabalier combines modern pop music with traditional alpine sounds in a great way. Another hit by Gabalier that can’t be missing from our list is "Hulapalu". This song is another catchy tune that incorporates some elements of the folk music of Gabalier’s home region, Styria.

Other top songs from Austria include "Skandal im Sperrbezirk" by the band Spider Murphy Gang, originally from Munich, but also very successful in Austria. Another famous song is "Furstenfeld by STS, one of the most played and covered songs in Austria. "I am from Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich is another great choice; this song was even chosen by the Austrian government as the country’s official anthem.

  • White horses – Andreas Gabalier
  • Hulapalu – Andreas Gabalier
  • Scandal in the Restricted Area – Spider Murphy Gang
  • Furstenfeld – STS
  • I am from Austria – Rainhard Fendrich

Other great Austrian songs to have on your travel playlist include "Joana" by Roland Kaiser "Greek Wine by Udo Jurgens, and "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, which is especially popular in the Alps. These are just a few examples that show how diverse the Austrian music scene is. With this playlist, your trip through Austria is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

10 Austrian travel songs that will lift your spirits

Austria is a country full of beauty and adventure, from its majestic mountain peaks to its bustling cities, and what better way to accompany your journey than with great music. One of these great songs is "Fur mi bist du’s nummer eins" by Hansi Hinterseer.

The melody of this song is incredibly catchy, and it will make you dance and sing along your journey. The lyrics are also very soothing, reminding you that you have your sweetheart next to you and that no one is more important than him or her.

Other great songs to add to your travel playlist include "I Am from Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich and "A Meinung haben" (Have an opinion) by Seiler and Speer. These songs will remind you how great it is to be Austrian.

In addition, you should also listen to "Long live the sport" by Rainhard Fendrich and "Why didn’t you say no" by Andrea Berg and Semino Rossi. These songs will lift your spirits and motivate you to take on any challenge you may encounter on your journey.

Finally, the trip will be all the more unforgettable with the songs "Joana" by Roland Kaiser and "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" (Just a moment to save the world) by Tim Bendzko. These songs will inspire you to make the most of your trip and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Fur mi bist du’s nummer eins by Hansi Hinterseer
  • I Am from Austria by Rainhard Fendrich
  • Have an opinion by Seiler and Speer
  • Long live the sport by Rainhard Fendrich
  • Why didn’t you say no by Andrea Berg and Semino Rossi
  • Joana by Roland Kaiser
  • Just save the world for a moment by Tim Bendzko

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