Bogedan will continuously hire new teachers

The goal of the Senator for Education and Science, Claudia Bogedan, is to improve the quality of teaching in Bremen. For this she plans to continuously hire new teachers.

Much has already been done in recent years to reduce the shortage of teachers in the city. But still there are too few qualified teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to take further measures to secure the supply of teachers and improve the quality of teaching.

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South korean delegation visiting schorfheide-chorin biosphere reserve

The beauty and uniqueness of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve has also attracted the attention of international guests. In this case, it’s a delegation from South Korea. The eight-member group consisted of experts in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation.

The trip to the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve was aimed at exploring the natural environment and its benefits. The focus was also on the sustainable use of natural resources, which is a key issue for South Korea. The guests wanted to learn more about how the biosphere reserve can serve as a model for sustainability and what experience and knowledge has been gained in this regard.

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25 Tips for the perfect party, from your favorite celebrities

Parties are a great way to bring friends, family and colleagues together for an unforgettable night out. But how to organize a successful party? Luckily, some of our favorite celebrities have shared their knowledge and experience in the art of partying with us. Here are 25 tips that come from celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a barbecue, or a Halloween night, these tips will help you organize the perfect event. From guest selection to background music, these celebrities have valuable advice to ensure your party is a smashing success.

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Pkv vs. Accident insurance: who covers the cost of a helicopter rescue after a skiing or snowboarding accident?

It’s wintertime and many winter sports fans are drawn to the slopes. However, there is always a certain risk of suffering an accident. In the event of a serious skiing or snowboarding accident, it may be necessary to be rescued by rescue helicopter. But who takes over the costs for the rescue in this case??
There are two types of insurance that play a role here: private health insurance (PKV) and accident insurance. Both insurances offer protection in case of an accident, but they differ in the details. It is therefore important to know which insurance company will cover the costs in the event of an emergency.

Difference between PKV and accident insurance in the event of a skiing or snowboarding accident

When it comes to the cost of rescue by helicopter after a skiing or snowboarding accident, it is important to know which insurer will cover it. Here there is a clear difference between private health insurance (PKV) and accident insurance.

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Simpler implementation of the education and participation package

Since the introduction of the education and participation package in 2011, children and young people from low-income families have been entitled to financial support for school and extracurricular activities. The package includes, for example, the cost of school trips, membership in a sports club or learning support. Despite this support, however, it happens that parents and children do not know exactly which benefits they can apply for and how to fill out the application correctly.

The German government has therefore decided to simplify the implementation of the education and participation package. As of 1. From August 2021, applications for participation in school and extracurricular activities are to be submitted centrally to the job centers for all federal states. This is intended to avoid unnecessary hurdles such as different application forms and deadlines for families.

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Imagination is not only something for geniuses

Imagination or fantasy is an ability that is inherent in every human being. It enables us to be creative, to find new solutions and to take us into alternative worlds. But often the importance of imagination is underestimated and considered as something that is only used by geniuses or artists.

But imagination is not just a tool for famous writers or painters. It can be useful in all areas of our lives, be it in overcoming everyday problems or in developing entrepreneurial ideas. Especially in times of change and uncertainty, imagination can help us find new perspectives and see the world from a different angle.

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Opera: tips, tricks and tutorials

Opera is a versatile web browser that has been on the market for many years. Many users appreciate its speed, security and ease of use. If you are also an Opera user or would like to become one, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will find helpful tutorials, tips and tricks about Opera.

Whether you use Opera on your computer, smartphone or tablet, the following tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your web browser. You will learn how to personalize and customize Opera, how to manage bookmarks and tabs, how to navigate faster, how to sync Opera with other devices and much more.

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Take an exciting study tour to west africa

West Africa is a fascinating continent known for its breathtaking wildlife, rich culture, and historical landmarks. A study tour to West Africa can give you the opportunity to explore this fascinating region and gain a variety of experiences.

During your study tour, you can visit historical sites, explore nature reserves and meet local communities. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of the local flora and fauna, learn about African art and music, or simply enjoy the remarkable scenery, there is something for everyone to discover.

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Increase in compulsory long-term care insurance contributions for soldiers from 01.07.2021

As of next month, the contributions for compulsory long-term care insurance for soldiers will be increased. Soldiers serving in the Bundeswehr and other German armed forces have had their own compulsory long-term care insurance since 2013. Compulsory long-term care insurance for soldiers is a special type of statutory health insurance that covers the costs of medical care and nursing care in the event of illness or old age.

The increase in contributions is a response to the growing need for care in society. The contributions in the compulsory long-term care insurance for soldiers are calculated according to income. The increase applies to all soldiers who are covered by compulsory long-term care insurance, regardless of their rank or length of service.

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What are agency bonds (agency bonds)??

When searching for investment opportunities, many come across the term "agency bonds". However, what are agencies and how do they differ from other bonds?

Agencies are companies created by governments or other public entities. Serve as a tool to provide capital and financing to the public sector.

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