On which planet could you be born? A short test from lectera

Have you ever wondered on which planet you could have been born? Would you like to know what special characteristics you would have as a person on another planet?? Then the short test from Lectera is just right for you!

Our solar system is home to a variety of planets with different characteristics and conditions. From fiery volcanoes on Mercury to cool oceans on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, each planet has its own secrets and challenges.

Thanks to Lectera’s test, you’ll get an entertaining and informative perspective on the possibility of being born on another planet. Who knows, you may even discover a new side to yourself that you never realized on Earth.

The planet identification test

Have you ever wondered which planet you might belong to?? Are you excited by the vastness of the universe and the many planets that exist within it? Take Lectera’s test now and find out what planet you might have been born on!

The test consists of a series of questions about your personality and preferences. Based on your answers, the test will calculate which planet fits you best. Are you more the fiery Mars or more the cold and distant Pluto?? Maybe you belong to the gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn.

  • Question 1: Which color are you most attracted to??
  • Answer options:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

This question and many more are waiting for you in this fun and informative test. Discover your world outside our solar system and learn which planet you best embody.

Do you think you are ready for life on a planet? Then take this test and find out!


According to our test of Lectera you were born on the planet Mercury. This planet is the closest planet to the sun in the solar system. There are several theories of this planet, which consider it to be the former core of a planet that lost much of its original crust due to an impact. This leads to extreme temperature differences between high day and low night temperatures.

Compared to other planets, Mercury is very small. Its diameter is just 38% the diameter of the Earth and it has less than 5% of the Earth’s mass. As a result, Mercury also has very low gravity, which means that an object on Mercury’s surface weighs only about one-third as much as it does on Earth.

Although Mercury is closest to the Sun, it is not the hottest on the planet itself. This distinction actually goes to Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun. Of course, the sun’s extreme proximity to Mercury could still cause humans on this planet to live in a hostile environment. Under such conditions, it would be unlikely that humans could establish a permanent settlement on Mercury.

  • Please note that our results are only a hypothetical result.
  • It is unlikely that these test results will accurately reflect the specific characteristics relevant to your chart or to your actual birth date.
  • Space technology is still relatively new, and there are many challenges that must be overcome before humans are actually able to establish interstellar settlements.

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