Old and young china hand i bjorn etgen, attorney at law

Decades of experience in China are invaluable for any businessman. Especially for the lawyer Bjorn Etgen, who has been working in the People’s Republic for more than 30 years, his experience is very valuable. As a lawyer specializing in Chinese law, he has handled numerous cases and has thus been able to witness the development of the Chinese legal system.

Bjorn Etgen is known as the "Old China Hand", a term used in the business world for Western businessmen who have been working in China for a long time and thus have extensive experience in the People’s Republic. But what does it mean to be an "Old China Hand"??? For Bjorn Etgen it means understanding the Chinese culture and way of working, finding the right business partners and dealing with the government and authorities.

But also younger businessmen should not be discouraged. As China continues to develop, especially in the area of new technologies, there are also many opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the People’s Republic. This is where Bjorn Etgen’s experience as a "Young China Hand" comes into play comes into play. As a lawyer he accompanies start-ups and small businesses on their way in China and supports them to understand the Chinese market conditions and to act successfully.

In this series of articles, we will introduce you to Bjorn Etgen and his experiences as an "Old" Chinese lawyer and "Young China Hand" and highlight how he uses his knowledge and experience to help Western companies in China.

OLD and YOUNG CHINA HAND I Bjorn Etgen, Attorney at Law

Bjorn Etgen – The old hand in China business

Bjorn Etgen is a German-Chinese lawyer who has been working in the China business for more than twenty years. As a long-standing expert on Chinese law and business in China, he has made a name for himself as an "old hand".

The focus of his work is on legal advice for German companies doing business in China. He also helps Chinese companies with their activities in Germany. His extensive knowledge of both cultures and the different legal systems makes him a sought-after contact for all legal questions in doing business with China.

Bjorn Etgen is also co-founder of one of the largest German-Chinese networks for business contacts and has thus established numerous connections in both countries. His extensive network and experience thus make him an important key figure for successful business in China.

  • Old and Young China Hand: Bjorn Etgen combines the best of both worlds, making him an important contact for both experienced and new players in the China business.
  • Legal advice: Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the Chinese legal system, Bjorn Etgen is the perfect partner for all those who want to be legally protected in doing business in China.
  • Networker: Thanks to his large network and years of experience, he is an important door opener for business contacts in both countries.

Bjorn Etgen – The Young Wild One in China Business

Bjorn Etgen is a successful lawyer and one of the few "young China hands" in the legal industry. Born in Germany, he quickly developed a passion for Chinese business and has now lived in Beijing for many years.

Etgen is known for his ability to blend Western and Chinese culture and legal practice. For his clients he offers tailor-made solutions and uses his extensive knowledge of the Chinese legal system to protect and support them in their business.

He is often referred to as the "young wild one" in the industry, as he is always finding new ways to make his work more effective with his innovative thinking and great commitment to his clients.

As one of the leading China business lawyers, Etgen is an important part of the international business scene in Beijing and is often celebrated by universities and the press for his expertise and contributions to spreading knowledge about China and its business practices.

  • He has written numerous articles and books on Chinese law and business and is a regular guest at conferences and in the media.
  • As an attorney, he is known for his expertise in contract law, joint venture agreements and technology transfer.

Etgen has earned a reputation as one of the best lawyers in China business and is considered by many of his clients to be indispensable for their success in China.

OLD and YOUNG CHINA HAND I Bjorn Etgen, Attorney at Law

China Business – Tips for Success

China is one of the most important economic nations in the world and offers very good business opportunities for companies. However, the business culture and business practices are often different than in Germany. To be successful in China, some success factors are crucial.

An important factor for success in China is knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. It is advisable to have at least some basic knowledge of Mandarin and to familiarize yourself with cultural differences. Good local networking can also influence success in the Chinese market.

Another success factor is the compliance with the legal framework conditions. In China, there are some peculiarities in the field of Chinese law that need to be taken into account. If these are not observed, this can lead to problems. Advice from a competent lawyer like Bjorn Etgen can be helpful here.

However, the challenges of China’s business market should not be underestimated. The high level of competition and pressure to achieve success quickly can lead to difficulties. The political and economic environment can also change quickly and be uncertain. It is therefore important not only to focus on quick profits, but also to pursue long-term goals.

  • Knowledge of the Chinese language and culture
  • Compliance with the legal framework
  • Networking on the ground
  • Pursuit of long-term goals

Ultimately, then, it is a combination of strategy, patience and understanding of Chinese business practices that leads to success in the Chinese marketplace. With a competent partner such as lawyer Bjorn Etgen from Germany, one can prepare well for entering the Chinese market and remain capable of acting even if problems arise locally.

Trends and developments in China business from the perspective of Bjorn Etgen, lawyer and expert on old and young China

Business in China remains an important factor in the global economy. But how has it developed in recent years and how is it likely to develop in the future?? These questions are asked not only by entrepreneurs, but also by experts such as Bjorn Etgen, lawyer and expert on doing business in China.

One of the most important developments in doing business in China is the increasing regulation by the Chinese government. Strict laws have been introduced in recent years, especially in the area of data protection and cyber security. Companies operating in China must therefore prepare for more stringent requirements. But there is also increased regulation in other areas, such as environmental protection.

Economic growth in China has also slowed down in recent years. Nevertheless, the country is still an important economic power. Especially in the field of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, China has made great progress in recent years. Experts like Bjorn Etgen are certain that China will continue to play a leading role in many areas in the future.

  • Another important trend in China business is the increasing importance of online trade. e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and JD.com have grown strongly in recent years and are now also internationally successful.
  • Also interesting is the increasing importance of the older generation in China. Due to demographic developments, the population in China will become increasingly older in the coming years. Companies should therefore also keep an eye on the needs of this target group.

In summary, doing business in China continues to offer many opportunities, but it is also fraught with challenges. Companies that are active in China or want to become so should prepare themselves for the tightened regulations and keep an eye on the developments in e-commerce as well as in the field of the older generation. Experts like Bjorn Etgen can offer valuable support in this respect.

OLD and YOUNG CHINA HAND I Bjorn Etgen, Attorney at Law

Bjorn Etgen – Tips for successful business in China

Bjorn Etgen is a renowned lawyer and expert in doing business with China. He has gained many years of experience in dealing with Chinese partners and customers. According to Etgen, the relationship with Chinese business partners is of great importance for success on the Chinese market. Therefore, it is important to build trust and take cultural differences into account.

Etgen advises to familiarize oneself with the cultural differences and customs of the target country in order to avoid potential pitfalls. Careful vetting of the Chinese business partner is also necessary to ensure that they are trustworthy. Payment arrangements should be well defined and attention should be paid to contract compliance. Another important factor is the local regulation and laws that affect business operations in China.

When communicating with Chinese business partners, both the power imbalance and respect for Chinese culture should be considered. When negotiating, it is important not to lose face and to create a harmonious atmosphere. Choosing the right gifts can also be an important factor in building trust and establishing a long-term business relationship.

Etgen believes China has a promising future. He recommends thinking long term and having patience to operate successfully in the Chinese market. With his tips and experience, companies can benefit from his expertise and ensure a successful entry into the Chinese market.

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