Hotel receptionist reveals, “influencers are the worst”

The world of influencers and social media has changed the way we plan our trips and share experiences. Many people rely on influencer photos and reviews to determine their next vacation destinations. But what happens when they actually arrive?

Hotel receptionist reveals, 'Influencers are the worst'

A hotel receptionist has now commented on who the worst guests are, and it’s not the celebrities or politicians you would expect to be the worst. In fact, it’s the social media influencers who can cause the most trouble for hotel employees because of their behavior and expectations.

Influencers’ expectations are often very high and they often expect special treatment and amenities, as well as the best rooms and the best food. The hotel receptionist says this can often lead to frustration and conflict with other guests and hotel staff.

But what are the implications of this for the hotel industry in general? How do hotels deal with influencer expectations and how can they ensure that every guest has a positive experience?

The inside story of a former hotel receptionist on how to deal with influencers

As a former hotel receptionist, I have experienced and seen quite a few things. One of the most annoying things in the daily workflow for me was influencers. These self-proclaimed "stars with thousands of followers on Instagram or YouTube often think they can get anything they want. But unfortunately this is not always true.

To be clear: not all influencers are difficult and ungrateful. Some are really nice and respectful. But most act like the princess on the pea and expect everything to be cobbled up for them without any problems. They demand free nights, expensive extra services and often behave disrespectfully towards the staff.

I remember an incident where an influencer demanded a free night because she promised to post a photo of herself in our hotel lobby. But when she arrived, she was unhappy that we could not provide her desired room category. Demanded that we immediately arrange for another room that would meet their needs. When we told her that unfortunately that wasn’t possible, she got loud and rude, ranting around and threatening to leave a bad review on TripAdvisor. Experiences like this were really stressful and frustrating for us hotel employees.

Hotel receptionist reveals, 'Influencers are the worst'

I think it’s important for influencers to understand that they are guests and need to behave like everyone else. Respectful, polite and grateful for everything they get. Only in this way can we offer them a pleasant stay and ensure that they are happy to come back again.

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