Old and young china hand i bjorn etgen, attorney at law

Decades of experience in China are invaluable for any businessman. Especially for the lawyer Bjorn Etgen, who has been working in the People’s Republic for more than 30 years, his experience is very valuable. As a lawyer specializing in Chinese law, he has handled numerous cases and has thus been able to witness the development of the Chinese legal system.

Bjorn Etgen is known as the "Old China Hand", a term used in the business world for Western businessmen who have been working in China for a long time and thus have extensive experience in the People’s Republic. But what does it mean to be an "Old China Hand"??? For Bjorn Etgen it means understanding the Chinese culture and way of working, finding the right business partners and dealing with the government and authorities.

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Ex-nba star shawn kemp shoots at motorist – arrest and imprisonment!

Former NBA star Shawn Kemp was arrested for attempted assault and unlawful possession of a weapon after an incident near Seattle. According to reports, Kemp had shot at a motorist after the driver allegedly slowed down in front of him in a dangerous manner.

Shawn Kemp, who was one of the best basketball players in the world in the 1990s, has been in and out of trouble in recent years, including several arrests for drug possession and a car accident under the influence of alcohol. Last weekend’s incident, however, marked a new escalation in his behavior.

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5 Tips to optimize credit card rewards

Most credit cards offer their holders attractive rewards that can be collected when paying with the card. But to get the most out of these bonuses, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of credit card rewards.

1. Choose the right card: there are many different types of credit cards and not all offer the same rewards. Think about what types of rewards are most interesting to you, and then look for a card that offers those rewards.

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Garage band: record music with your iphone

When it comes to recording music, the iPhone can be one of the best options, especially with the app Garage Band. The app is easy to use and offers a wide range of tools and features to record and edit music of any type and genre.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, Garage Band makes it easy to create your own music. With the app you can play different instruments like guitar, drums or piano, add loops, record and edit vocals and sound effects.

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Car insurance quotes: an unusual term in the search for affordable insurance

Have you ever heard of car insurance quotes Colorado porn tube and wondered what it was all about? It is an uncommon keyword used in the context of finding cheap car insurance policies.

Car insurance quotes Colorado porn tube is a term that is often used when searching for insurance quotes due to its high ranking. The idea behind this is that by using unusual keywords, such as "porn tube" higher search engine attention can be generated.

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Military assistance abroad and peacebuilding

In an increasingly globalized world, conflicts abroad have become unavoidable. The possibility of providing military assistance abroad is therefore becoming increasingly relevant. At the same time, promoting peace is becoming a key concern for the international community. In this context, international military operations are gaining in importance.

The mission of military operations abroad is to end or prevent conflicts and contribute to peacekeeping by building stabilization forces. This often involves providing humanitarian aid, protecting civilians and rebuilding infrastructure. Germany’s position on the issue of international military deployment demonstrates a strong commitment to strengthening the role of the United Nations and creating sustainable peace orders around the world.

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