Accidents overshadow tyrolean sports weekend

Accidents overshadow Tyrolean sports weekend

In the world of sports, there were unfortunately also some bitter events last weekend. Both ski racers and soccer players have been affected by serious injuries.

Tyrolean ski racer Thomas Feller suffered whiplash in a fall during training. The incident occurred on the slopes in Wengen when Feller was carried out of the turn at high speed. Fortunately, however, the athlete should be fit again in a few weeks and already be able to compete in the next race.

Soccer player Maximilian Brennsteiner also had bad luck. During a match against FC Bayern Munich, the midfielder tore his cruciate ligament. The exact downtime is still unclear, but the 25-year-old will not be available to the team for the time being.

Despite these negative events, however, we are not discouraged. The spirit of sport will live on and inspire us also in the future.

Brief overview

A Tyrolean skier was hospitalized with whiplash as a result of the accident at the World Cup slalom in Levi, Finland. According to doctors, the athlete must take a break from injury.

Accidents overshadow Tyrolean sports weekend

Due to the accident during training in the Stubaital, Sebastian Brennsteiner suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament and required surgery. The Austrian skier is expected to miss the entire season.

  • Injured: Tyrolean Feller
  • Type of injury: whiplash
  • Venue: World Cup slalom in Levi, Finland
  • Prognosis: Out of action for an indefinite period
  • Injured: Sebastian Brennsteiner
  • Type of injury: Cruciate ligament rupture
  • Location: Training in the Stubaital
  • Prognosis: Out of action for the entire season

The two injuries are a big blow for Austrian skiing. We wish the athletes a speedy recovery and hope to see them back on the slopes soon.

Brief overview

A Tyrolean feller has suffered whiplash in an accident. The incident occurred when Feller collided with another skier while skiing. The skier remained uninjured, while Feller was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.

In another incident, Brennsteiner, another Austrian skier, suffered a severe cruciate ligament tear. The accident occurred during a training run. Brennsteiner was immediately taken to the hospital, where he had to undergo surgery and will have a break of several months.

  • Skier from Tyrol suffers whiplash after collision
  • Austrian skier suffers severe cruciate ligament rupture
  • Two accidents in a short time on Tyrol’s ski slopes

These incidents show how important it is to always be alert and follow the rules when skiing. Accidents like these can cause serious injuries and should be avoided.

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